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Use of music

Use of music

Research show huge positive influence of music on children at their earliest age. Many parents make mistakes, since believe that the teaching of music, does not bear any benefit for the child development. But results of a large number of pedagogical experiments demonstrated and showed that, Children learning to play a musical instrument are much more successful school study, compared to other students.Children who are involved at traditional classical music education, show a non-standard layout and an unordinary approach to solving difficult and complex tasks and much more flexible in terms of teacher-student cooperation, than children who are far from the world of music.
Researches that conducted with students, showed the following results: those who childhood was linked to music schools and at the moment continues to get involved to music, show more high results and achievements in the higher mathematics, all kinds of exact sciences, in the study of foreign languages. Unfortunately, dads and moms very rarely think of providing quality and correct musical education of their children. Often parents believe that the child should be given the opportunity to receive the knowledge that he really will need in his future life.     Purposeful profile of education, which at present time is conquering and becoming more popular and great trend, limits the development and development of the child, depriving the child of the ability and opportunities to be developed comprehensively. Now many parents looking as much as posseble quickly find and choose a future profession for their child, to be able plan after further profile of training: you want to lawyer in the future? – then you need to learn history and law. You aspire to learn the basics of banking in the future and become a banker? – then it is necessary to study mathematics. The realities of our life creates and forms thoughts of many parents as follows: “The main thing is to get highly paid work “.
But in fact – past generations of parents, always thought about possibility to provide a musical education for the child. It’s curious and useful to know. Children from noble families are compulsory taught choreography, riding, calligraphy, playing a musical instrument and singing, learn foreign language or several, and still fencing.
What is the usefulness of music? The usefulness of music is that it helps and develops the following characteristic abilities of a child: Develops hearing, prepares and makes child more communicative to any life If this is a musical instrument, music encourages daily work, brings up will power, perseverance and patience Teaches to see a magnificent and beautiful around yourself Extends horizons and intellect, and this means, that positively promotes successful study now and in the future improves the sensual sphere of the child, improves his emotional environment and personal qualities.

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